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Más Miami V2 Recap

Posted by Guillermo Mafia on

What a weekend! ¡Coño! I'll try to keep this short and sweet...

Through development, we decided to launch Guillermo Mafia at the Más Miami V2 event hosted by the Lebatard Brothers. We weren't sure what the reception would be [from the show or local fans] and to be quite honest, nervous as the date approached. Life would prove that Miami is not only welcoming but extremely generous.

The weekend started off with a trip to Wynwood for great beer at J. Wakefield and killer conversation with Ericka at Butcher Shop—who, by the way, is a Heat employee and cousin of Lebron-killer, JJ Barea. Thursday morning, we lucked into a meeting with Billy, an indirect appearance on the show, and a hilarious back-and-forth with a handful of New Yorkers upset with our Jeter Sucks flag. Shout out to the Unintentional Stugotz Army! Allyson, proving invaluable, was hot on the scene with clear direction and timely responses. We dine and drink at Sweet Liberty to sweet beats selected by DJ Sharpsound.

Friday, we had the pleasure of meeting and hanging with Jon & Rei—two of Miami's coolest and nicest—over beer, burgers and coladas. That night, we celebrate with Lario's and discover Mike Ryan's moonlighting gig as Fake Pitbull at Mango's. Saturday, was upon us and anxiety was at it's highest. Were we going to pull it off? We spend the day exploring downtown, Calle Ocho, and make one more stop in Wynwood. A pause to collect ourselves and we drive to Fort Lauderdale.

We show up to the event and Billy's wearing the official GM cap! A few minutes in, and we meet a nice crowd of supporters eager to spread the word. The show staff was nothing but supportive. We get to meet Roy and Dan. Izzy and Papi say what up. We pass out tees, stickers, and promo cards. We hear some great music. We connect with local supporters equally excited to convey passion for the show. All-in-all, unbelievable.

We get home the next day and BOOM!, social media shout outs set our phones ablaze. It was a hit!!! Is this for real? Was the launch really that smooth? Yes and yes. I'm still pinching myself over it.

Lesson of the launch: if you believe in the idea, send it! ¡Dale! Someone will appreciate it. It will connect. It will connect you with others that you've never imagined. Thank you to everyone that we crossed paths with in Miami! Thank you to the show that inspires the creativity of its listeners. We'll do our best to return the support.

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