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GM Lyrics Contest

Posted by Guillermo Mafia on

We're happy to announce an interactive contest in partnership with Jim of the band Troll Teeth. Jim—your fellow Mafia member—has graced the family with instrumentation for a theme song. Your mission is to write the lyrics.

Jim's done a great job to anticipate workflows by providing files with different tracks. Think you can add some flair? Feel free to add more than lyrics or vocals. It doesn't have to be perfect or polished. Listeners will agree that the best show submissions are often raw and awkward. But do you, Boo. Let your skills shine.

Instrumental audio can be reviewed and downloaded here.

Start compiling your favorite inside jokes, highlights and references. Witty always works. The deeper the cuts, the better—but don't get carried away. We're looking for something that balances accessibility with inside expertise. Author(s) of the best lyrics will receive a free shirt or cap of their choosing, 50% off an additional item, and shout-outs via social media.

We thank you, in-advance, for entering. This is your family. The Mafia is nothing without your support and input. Let's thank the show for it's existence and celebrate the awkward legend of BG.

Submit written lyrics or dubbed audio to with your full name and any social media handles. Your deadline is September 14, 2018. Winner(s) will be announced September 21, 2018.

One last request: Please say "Thank You" to Jim & Troll Teeth with follows, visits, and purchases. Jim's gone out of his way to put this together and it's the least we can do. Bandcamp Facebook Twitter Instagram 


Best wishes to everyone!